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"CoMon!" Gamzee pointed a green glazed finger torwards you "TrY It! It WiLl MaKe YoU FeEl BeTtEr~!"

"No... just no." you shook your head at him, you cant possibly be tempted... no.

"PlEaSe! FoR Me?" he whimpered and moved his hand closer to your mouth eventually forcefully opening it and shuving a hand full of his pie into your mouth. " Eh? eH?" he smiled " YoU lIkE?"

It didnt really tast like much maybe like some Faygo? Not wanting to hurt his feelings you let out a small smile and nodded your head " yum"

"Do YoU feEl AnY tHInG?"

"No not yet" you lied, when infact the room arround you was going nuts.
the chares where screaming at each other and the carpet was changing from a brownish color to a neon green shade. Struggling to stand up you sprawled onto his couch.

"ArE yOu SuRe?  YoU SuRe LoOk LiKe It." he smirked.

"Nah." you scoffed. "nuper....noper....nupler.."

sitting their dazed for twenty minets has dulled down the affects of the pie, "hey. Gamz. i think its time for me to go."

not bothering to look up from his upright position on the couch he asked "WhY lEaViNg SoO sOoN?"

Your face turning an unconfertable red answerd "well i thought you said a couple of days ago that you were going to hang out with tav, today, i wouldnt want to 'kill the mood' or anything." or blow up on tav outa jealusy you said to yourself

"Oh. WeLl If ThAts WhY yOuR lEaViNg, YoU MiGhT aS WeLl StAy." he said this time looking at you.

"W-will tav be here?" you said feeling your face get hotter.

"WhY So mUcH QuEsTiOns AbOuT Tav?" he had a look of consern on his face.

"Uh... Gamz... I think i should just leave...alright... thanks for the high?" you said sitting up.

"Oh ComOn aTleAsT tElL mE wHats GoInG oN wItH yOu And Tavros." he looked up at you and smiled.

"Nothing" you shook your head.

"NoThInG?" He repeted with a cocky grin spred across his face. "ArE yOu SuRe. YoUr FaCe Got ReD wHeN yOu MeNtIoNed HiM. Are YoU pOsItIvE? ArE-"

"AM I JEALOUS? YES!" you swerled arround to be facing the wall, holding yourself tightly, discusted with wat you said. what if he hated you? you wondered what if he wanted nothing to do with you?

sighing you grabbed your stuff and started heading to the door, but inches of reaching it a gray hang clamped onto your wrist

"jEaLoUs? Of Tav'S aNd MiNE fRiEnDsHip?"

"No.. of... eh just forget it..."

"_(NAME)_ dO yOu FEeL Red FOr fOr TaVrOs?"

"FFFFF no" you scoff


Your face returning back the the crimson shade was enouph of an answer for him to figure it out.
This is the first of this... sorry about the shortness.,, its really late here and im sleepie as fuck. leave things in the comments that you might want to happen next. :O) honk!

Part 2:
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What I would really do if the chairs were screaming at me was saying " who da hell do you think ur talk'n to~?!" And throw them across the room.
XxiluvgaaraxX Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh what is this feeling? it getting hot in here. Oh yes. Yes it is. Maybe I should remove my garments and free myself from this heat wave happening up in here. ;D
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Yes. Quite so. ...hehehe i be rhyming all the timing. xD
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pshhh... if that was me i would try to act as therapist for the chairs, fail and then scream with them in confusion.
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Eeeeeee ^_^!!
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The others are put up:3
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